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“Identity Formation” and “Unique Technology Establishment”

Our days are broadly divided into private and public lives, public life being the activities in the company one belongs to.We spend more time in the company, and the time spent in the company has important elements.Intra-company activity is where knowledge and experience are accumulated through work, and it is the ideal place to polish one’s identity that serves to improve life.Intra-company activity is where knowledge and experience are accumulated through work, and it is the ideal place to polish one’s identity that serves to improve life.

Outstanding “unique technology establishment” is the essential requirement in becoming a company that can contribute to society.SOSEY set forth “identity formation” and “unique technology establishment”as its corporate philosophy, aiming for better life and to be a company that contributes to society. We continue to exert efforts to exercise our creativity with passion and candor.

Product Guide

Standard model for diverse customization

To respond to all requests made by our customers,
we have four series of machines available:
One-liquid Su per Shot Series, Dual-liquid Super Shot Series,
Hard Mixer Series and Sovac System.

One-Liquid Super Shot Series

One-Liquid Super Shot Series

One-component automatic metering dispenser

High-precision dispensing system for adhesives, greases, sealants, liquid gaskets, metal pastes, heat-dissipating materials, chemicals, etc.
They contribute to productivity enhancement, improvement, and cost reduction at various production sites such as electronics, automobiles, semiconductors,
displays, medical, and cosmetics.

Dual-Liquid Super Shot Series

Dual-Liquid Super Shot Series

Two-component automatic metering and mixing dispenser

This equipment automatically performs the three operations of measuring, mixing, and dispensing of multi-liquid materials such as urethane, epoxy, and silicone with high accuracy.
It plays an important role as an indispensable device in the production of automotive parts, various sensors, and home appliance substrates.

Hard Mixer Series

Hard Mixer Series

Vessel Rotating Type High Viscosity Agitator

Unlike conventional hand mixers that rotate the mixing blades, the Hard Mixer was born from the unique idea of rotating the container and fixing the blades.
The Hard Mixer also eliminates the tendency for bubbles to roll in, as is the case with conventional mixers that use rotating blades, enabling uniform mixing in a short period of time.

Sovac System

Sovac System

Vacuum injection / Vacuum Casting

The Sovac system is a vacuum filling system that incorporates our 50 years of expertise.
The system is capable of filling resin in a vacuum, preventing air from mixing in, and filling even hard-to-access areas such as gaps between workpieces.

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